18 posts Last Pick at the Park. I sold and went back to Sissoko because he is so big and effective. An 83-rated winger who can feel like the one of the world's best at times. Cheat code for turnovers. He's absolutely brilliant on FIFA 21, often performing to a standard befitting of an 88+ player. Just like Saint-Maximin, Martins is a nightmare to contain due to his blistering pace and five-star skills. “It's good to have a manager who knows how to win,” Sissoko told the Mirror.. “It's as simple as that. Moussa Sissoko- 6,73 Mio. so i packed Partey and Allan. Allan, SSC Neapel. I've sold my tradable Kante. He devours right-wingers for fun and the Frenchman is just as effective going forward, with his five-star weak foot a real bonus. Bereits zum dritten Mal gibt es das „Road to the Final“-Event bei FIFA Ultimate Team.Dabei stehen Spieler im Fokus, die in der Champions League und in der Europa League aktiv sind. Von allen FIFA-20-Spielern wurde er laut futbin-PGP bisher am zweitmeisten überhaupt gespielt. The Brazilian's overall rating on his base card may say 83, but those who have used him will know that he feels closer to 87/88. FIFA 21 Ratings and Stats. Partey, Allan, Sissoko. One of the most overpowered cards in FIFA history. He has a great shot on him due to no blacklift. Die Wahrscheinlichkeit … Both are great, but Kante is something special. 5.7k members in the Fifa21 community. 3 comments. All Rights Reserved. Llorente is good, but Valverde is just unstoppable. © 2020 Sports New Media Limited. Yes, even better than Jesus. - Career Mode FIFA. Below, we've ranked what we believe are the 11 most overpowered players on the game in order. ricardo_verhees. Close. Moussa Sissoko 82 - live prices, in-game stats, comments and reviews for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team FUT. Als FUT-Spieler führt in FIFA 20 kaum ein Weg an Allan vom SSC Neapel vorbei. I have his red inform and he is amazing. His passing is goo enough, also his dribbling. cdbuck26. Plus, almost free compared to kante. Allan or sissoko at CDM? Sissoko . Especially now, given that he costs just 8,900 coins. Amazing value for money when you consider that he's just as good as the more expensive options. We prefer Zaha and Bergwijn. Der Brasilianer bietet das komplette Paket: Er glänzt mit Top-Werten in der Defensive (85), beim Kurzpassspiel (86) und im Physis-Bereich (84), dazu kommt genügend Tempo (75) für einen Mittelfeldspieler.Vier Sterne bei den Skill-Moves machen Allan zu einem echten Brasilianer. His strength is not normal. share. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . Thema: FIFA 21 Ultimate Team - Teambuilding, Beiträge: 129, Datum letzter Beitrag: 11.12.2020 - 15:36 Uhr 5 hours ago. Even the likes of Gomez and Mendy are powerless in trying to stop the Barcelona man due to his five-star skills and five-star weak foot. I don’t get it to be honest because he is rubbish in real life. re: fifa 21 Meni se danas dogodilo u 45+ idem 2 na 1 prema njegovom golmanu, lik izade s golmanom, odigram na drugu na oko 11m i stisnem sut, a sudac svira poluvrijeme. FIFA. Kante even worth it over Sissoko? Das kostet Sissoko: Sissoko ist zu einem der Favoriten der Community geworden. Jesus is back with a bang on FIFA 21. hide. Well, you're about to find out. I've just started using Kante as a stay-back CM in the middle of 4-3-2-1 and he's ridiculously good. Allan und Nathan Aké sind am Freitagabend (02.10.) We picked Diogo Jota as an affordable left midfielder but in fact, he isn’t a native winger. In FIFA 21 ist das erste OTW-Team bekannt. To think he's now worth just 1,500 coins, outrageous. Último comentario hace 29 días. I had that dilemma this WL, and Kante is MILES better carrying the ball (as a secoND CDM). These are cards that don't look spectacular to the naked eye, but in-game play like a hybrid of various world-class operators. In fifa 20 he was to o.p. Diese Packs kann man ganz normal mit Coins oder Fifa Points kaufen. Categories; Discussions; Best Of... FIFA Forums › General Discussion. That’s because long-term commentary duo Martin Tyler and Alan Smith are not in FIFA 21. Great stamina, never see him with red stamina bar in over 20 matches; Great defending stats. Good to know. There was no one else it could be. Today we'll be doing a FIFA 19 Player Review on FIFA 19 TOTS Sissoko , FIFA 19 TOTS Sissoko Review , FIFA 19 88 TOTS Sissoko or 88 TOTS Sissoko in a FIFA 19 Player Review ! we dnt have to talk about shooting because thats trash. report. Probably the most used defender in the game and also one of the very best. Allan Saint-Maximin is very popular among the FUT community but, in our view, he’s too weak physically. New face scans will be available in FIFA 21 for players in the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and more. The likes of Martial and Werner will set you back a considerable amount of coins, but Rodrigo costs just 3,700 of them. Davinson Sánchez (IV/81/Tottenham Hotspur): Mit seinen Defensiv- und Physis-Werten sowie dem robusten Handling spielt sich Sánchez trotz mäßigem Overall-Rating wie ein absoluter Elite-Verteidiger. Only Virgil van Dijk can lay claim to being superior to Gomez in-game and that's because the Dutchman is rated 90 overall. Sounds like 250k is better spent elsewhere. The reason he sits above the Newcastle man is by virtue of the fact that you can buy the Portuguese winger for just 1,500 coins. I'd love his RTTF card if it wasn't so expensive! , del foro de FIFA 21: Ultimate Team. Spurs' Brazilian forward is actually slightly less overpowered than he was on FIFA 20, due to the fact he's been moved from CF to RM. The pair have become synonymous with the game over the years, making their bow way back in 2005. His pace is way to ggod with a shadow. Die 81er-Gesamtwertung von Sissoko erscheint im ersten Moment relativ niedrig. He even chips in with the odd goal, despite his relatively poor shooting stats! he is stronger than kante, allan and many others cdm from the prem. © document.write((new Date()).getFullYear());Electronic Arts Inc. Stats are practically identical, Kante has more defending but Sissoko has more physical and height. Every single FIFA game with the Ultimate Team game mode has been plagued with overpowered players. FIFA 21 – OP-Spieler der Premier League. Die meisten Fut Birthday Karten sind wie der überwiegende Teil aller Fifa Karten in Packs zu ziehen. Posted by 12 hours ago. Don't forget that green link to 84-rated Ben Yedder as well... Llorente's ridiculous pace upgrade has seen him become a go-to midfielder for FIFA players. Log In Sign Up. It's criminal, but it just doesn't even seem a worthwhile upgrade (if it's even much of an upgrade at all! Why do EA Sports just love turning Sissoko into a virtual beast?! But im also interested in Sissoko. Kante is golden. 100k Packs. The fact a 79-rated midfielder is selling for 24,000 coins at the end of November tells you everything you need to know. FIFA 20; FIFA 21; 19th of Aug 2020 . As 83-rated centre-backs go, Gomez might just be the best in that category in the entire history of FIFA Ultimate Team. But this year nothing has changed. Register. FIFA 21 Ibrahim Sissoko rating, stats, potential & more! I played him as my CDM with stay back and cut passing lane instructions. Join the discussion or compare with others! 2. However, he's still absolutely deadly in-game. Sissoko is very close. So als Entschuldigung für die schlechte Connection in der WL :D Haha... diese Eigenschaft bei Messi, ist das dein ernst EA - … Sissoko is just as broken as he was last year. October 19, 2020 6:31PM. Allan, 29, from Brazil Everton FC, since 2020 Central Midfield Market value: €25.00m * Jan 8, 1991 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Press J to jump to the feed. Absolutely lethal. Allan or sissoko at CDM? 3. Categories; Discussions; Best Of... FIFA Forums › General Discussion. Hay 6 respuestas en Sissoko o Allan? FIFA 21 Ultimate Team en 3DJuegos: Para acompañar a Kanté de MCD. View his overall, offense & defense attributes, compare him with other players in the game. save. He is not a strong built player like Sissoko but he gets shit done defensively. Das „Team of the Season So Far“-Event im Rahmen von FIFA 20 Ultimate Team ist draußen. Thema: FIFA 21 Ultimate Team - Allgemeine Diskussionen, Beiträge: 857, Datum letzter Beitrag: 26.10.2020 - 01:25 Uhr Am Freitag präsentierte EA Sports nicht nur das Community … Welche Spieler sind dieses Jahr bei "Ones To Watch" dabei und kriegen dynamische Karten? jup, ich sollte auch wenigsten Bruno F. oder Messi bekommen. On FIFA 20, AS Monaco striker Wissam Ben Yedder was without question the most overpowered player on the game, his 83-rated base card wreaking havoc across the football gaming world. Check out Alpha Sissoko and his rating on FIFA 21. 100% Upvoted. Join the discussion or compare with others! His dribbling is so, so good and he's quick enough to burst past most centre-backs. I need 2 out of 3. His dribbling is so, so good and he's quick enough to burst past most centre-backs. /r/FIFA21 is the community-run subreddit for FIFA 21. It looks like you're new here. 2. This is about the one and only sissoko. Because trying to stop him when he's in full flow is near enough impossible and his five-star skills make him feel like the Premier League's very own Neymar. I packed Alan last week and was super excited.

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