Gondophares I was the founder of the Indo-Parthian Kingdom and its most prominent king, ruling from 19 to 46. The four Names in the Arms of the Cross are Seraph, Kerub, Ariel, and Tharsis; the four Rulers of the Elements. The name is commonly used in a broad sense to represent a continent-sized region of anomalously elevated terrain centered just south of the equator around longitude 265°E. The versicle is from Psalm xxii. Thamos has succeeded his father, Ramesses, as king of Egypt, but Ramesses had usurped the throne from the rightful king, Menes, who is now disguised as the high priest, Sethos. Reges Tharsis Epiphany Offertory Chant Reges Tharsis (“The Kings of Tharsis”) is the offertory chant for the Mass of the Epiphany of Our Lord. With Alan Bates, Geneviève Bujold, Marc Dudicourt, Daniel Boulanger. During World War I, a British private, sent ahead to a French town to scout for enemy presence, is mistaken for a King by the colorful patients of an insane asylum. The reference to "kings" is believed to have originated due to the reference in Psalms "The kings of Tharsis and the islands shall offer presents; the kings of the Arabians and of Saba shall bring him gifts: … Thamos loves Sais, a priestess, but she is really Menes' daughter Tharsis, for whom the high priestess Mirza is plotting marriage to Pheron, a treacherous general. Balthazar, the King of Saba, offered frankincense to the Baby Jesus because He was God, and Caspar, the King of Tharsis, offered the Baby Jesus myrrh, because He became man and would die in order to save people from their sins. Melchior, the King of Nubia and Arabia, offered gold to the Baby Jesus because He was a King. Tharsis can have many meanings depending on historical and scientific context. A member of the House of Suren, he belonged to a line of local princes who had governed the Parthian province of Drangiana since its disruption by the Indo-Scythians in c. 129 BC. The Magi are now not considered by some to have been kings. It recalls the gifts of the three Magi, who offered gold, frankincense and myrrh as homage to the Christ Child. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for The Kings Directed by Philippe de Broca. He proposed to be baptised a Christian, believing that God's vengeance had fallen upon his people by reason of their evil lack of faith. 1 Kings 10:22 - BRL - For Solomon had a ship of Tharsis in the sea with... Study verse in the Brenton Translaton of the Septuagint (LXX) Psalm 72, attributed to Solomon, is a prayer and a prophecy about a coming kingdom that makes reference to the Kings

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